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Last week I shared two new words I made up:

Today, based on the words friend and demolition, I present fremolition. It refers to the demolition of a friendship through a particularly ruinous act. Friend says something nasty about your kid? Fremolition. Friend steals from you? Fremolition. Friend betrays a confidence? Fremolition.

Have any of you ever committed or been on the receiving end of a fremolition?

Happiness is an awkward mackintosh

Happiness is an awkward mackintosh on me, lopsided, with the front sliding up to my neck. I wear it experimentally, stretching my arms out often to see how it looks. I wonder if passersby see that it’s new.


Yesterday I shared my new word thumbder. Today I present flopter, which refers to a helicopter or flying drone crash.


I’ve shared two new words of my own creation before on this blog:

Now I present thumbder, which is the sound you make when you tap your thumb against a hard surface like a metal table.



I’ve combined the two words curious and query to form an entirely new word: querious. It refers to those times when someone tells you about something new or strange that is so interesting you can’t stop asking them questions to learn more.

Please feel free to go ahead and add querious to your vocabulary 🙂