Welcome to my blog!

I’m using this blog to share on some of my key interests:

  1. Words, books and literature – I talk about books, I make up words, I ramble about this or that linguistic oddity …
  2. Fiction and creative writing – These are my own offerings of short fiction.
  3. History – I love history and share about what fascinates me.
  4. World wanderlust – This is my travel writing section.

The I-have-deep-thoughts-that-need-pondering pose

A tiny bit about me

I enjoy words, history, bold landscapes, good company, laughing, art, coffee houses, rooms filled with books, maps and adventure.

Please always feel free to comment, share opinions or stories, or just say hello ๐Ÿ™‚ย I hope that all those who read my blog will find in it something that is good.

You can also look at my history blog (meganabigail.blogspot.com). I no longer add to it but there’s numerous posts on all sorts of interesting topics like the Boers in Patagonia, the world’s first subway, and the origin of the ‘Keep calm and carry on’ fad.ย 

7 responses to “About”

  1. forestmtnhike says :

    Hi Megan, it’s nice to have you in the blogging world. I’m inspired by your faith. I enjoyed what you said about Moses and the staff: “But God spoke to Moses and told him to use whatever he had in his hand (which was a staff), and that was used to part a sea.” May you continue to grow in life and shine as a bright light in this world. Blessings! Rose

  2. yourothermotherhere says :

    You remind me of Courtney Thorne-Smith who played Cheryl in the sitcom “According To Jim”.

    And if those are your steps leading down to the beach, I totally envy you. My dream house has steps going down to the beach.

    • Megan Abigail White says :

      What an unexpected comparison, but thank you! She plays a nice woman, I think, and I’ve always thought her pretty, so I’ll take it ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Those aren’t my private steps (though wouldn’t that be lovely!). They’re on the west coast of the Cape Peninsula, inside Cape Point Reserve, a little over an hour from Cape Town. It’s very quiet and isolated there, and we shared the beach that day with only a handful people, some buck and a stalker ostrich!

      • yourothermotherhere says :

        Ah, at least you got to go there. I would love to see that area, especially in the autumn. I’ll bet it’s gorgeous!

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