The beautiful Berg

Last weekend I went to the Drakensberg (South Africa), my favourite place in the world. This is the view from our chalet at Thendele, inside Royal Natal. What you are seeing is the amazing Amphitheatre. It is 5 km along the top to give you a sense of its size.


This is the closest you can get to it before having to strap on your hiking boots. Hiking to the top is an overnight affair, one I have yet to do!

The northern Drakensberg tends to be quieter than the rest of the range, having fewer resorts, and probably also because it’s just that little bit further of a drive. It is however a favourite among serious nature lovers, and those who like serenity.

The nearby campsite, Mahai, holds many great childhood memories for me, and is the starting point for the wonderful ‘Up the Crack and Down the Mudslide’ hike, which takes you up from the Valley into the Little Berg via chain ladders, and then leads you down a muddy route of exposed tree roots.

The Amphitheatre, of course, is the High Berg!


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3 responses to “The beautiful Berg”

  1. daveynorthcott says :

    Wow. Looks amazing. Where is it exactly?

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