My WordPress anniversary and 100th post

I’ve been blogging with WordPress for a year now, and this just happens to coincide with my 100th post! In celebration I’ve chosen a new WordPress theme. Can I remember what it’s called? Not a chance. But thank you to WordPress for it – I’m digging it!

And thank YOU to everyone who has been reading, liking, sharing, commenting, and in any way idling around my blog – I appreciate it and you! I hope to bring you more readworthy posts in the future 🙂

I hope over the next year to sit and gaze contentedly at the sky like the girl in this sweet pic (perhaps with my cat nearby, as I have one of those), thinking new and creative things. After that it will be about uncovering the courage, skill and discipline to set them down and then share them with others.


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10 responses to “My WordPress anniversary and 100th post”

  1. Emma says :


  2. Renard Moreau says :

    [ Smiles ] Happy blogging anniversary to you! I am happy to know that you made through to one year on WordPress!

  3. Peter Wells aka Countingducks says :

    I do remember that milestone, and how it felt, so well done to you for reaching it

  4. Matthew Winnett says :

    Hi Megan,
    Every site lists the WordPress Theme the user has chosen for their site down in the footer of each page. You’re using the Skeptical Theme.

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