A story in only 8 words

Here are several individual, complete stories, each told in only 8 words. I thought this a fun exercise in imagination and brevity – maybe you’ll like to try your own hand at writing some!

Story 1

There was no one in Paris that day.

There was no one in Paris that day.

The castle flooding, he raced towards the turret.

Story 2

The spider was there, a stomp, he’s gone.

Story 3

Harper’s chair started shuddering, then too the windowpanes.

Story 4

Children die here all the time, he said.

Story 5

Sidney inserted the flashdrive – the city lights died.

Story 6

One day, Max stopped loving her. She emigrated.

She blew on the dandelion, then never returned.
She blew on the dandelion, then never returned.

Story 7

Jake fell out the tree and into heaven.

Story 8

He lived through war. It didn’t change him.

Story 9

The mattress fell with a thud. It hurt.

Story 10

Sam glanced her way, then pretended to paint.

Story 11

Storey 11 didn’t exist. It was a mystery.

Story 12

Secretively, she mixed the cordial into their drinks.

Story 13

Mars flashed red across the sky. Nobody noticed. 

The small key took two hands to lift.

If any of you feel an 8-word story brewing, please share it in the comment box below!

Alternatively, please write 8 more words to one of the above stories, adding to it. Come on … you know you want to!!


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5 responses to “A story in only 8 words”

  1. Simon Kelly says :

    It rained that day and he never forgot.
    She never thought she could be so happy.
    He came, he died, now he lives forever.
    “What about me she cried” as they left.

    This is fun 🙂 thanks Megs!

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