A story in just 6 words, then 5 words, 4 words … all the way down to a story in just one word!

I found writing stories in just 8 words a fun challenge, and so I decided to up the ante and whittle the word count right down.

I’ve realised that Stories 1, 3 and 12 in my post A story in only 8 words weren’t actually complete stories, so I’ve reworked them below. I’ve also worked hard to ensure that I’m only telling full stories in the shorter word counts as well. Interestingly, I’ve found that the shorter the word count, the more profound the story tends to be.


A story in just 8 words (original version, then reworked version)

Story 1

The castle flooding, he raced towards the turret.

–       The castle flooded. Gaynor survived in the turret.

Story 3

Harper’s chair started shuddering, then too the windowpanes.

–       Harper’s chair started shuddering. Then there was blackness.

Story 12

Secretively, she mixed the cordial into their drinks.

–       Sissy was a spy. Nobody ever knew it.

Story 14 (new)

She lived in a box with no sides.


She lived her life without him.

She lived her life without him.

A story in just 6 words

It’s raining. I’m inside. Happiness reigns.

“Let’s party!” Mickey shouted, then collapsed.

Raindrops fall lightly in his world.

Venter’s love for her was suffocating.

The turtle laughed at the tortoise.

David spoke passionately – the world reconsidered.

She held his hand, and stayed.

The ballroom was painfully heated. Again.

The chocolate melted into a heart.

He held his breath for forever.

Yolandi’s life is littered with gumdrops.

He looked once, and loved forever.

Tarryn was short, always too short.

“I called your name.” “I know.”

Meike only ever sang once. Beautifully.

Everything fell upwards, and stayed there.

Tina gives businesscards to absolutely everyone.

Relieved, Adam threw the photograph away.


Rough seas goaded his life.

Rough seas goaded Joey’s life.

A story in just 5 words

He didn’t want to know.

The doorframe shattered without warning.

Since birth, Piper wanted revenge.

Johanna quailed, but went on.

He bedded down in newspapers.

Charity only wears vintage jewellery.

Jackson gave up on life.


A story in just 4 words

“You’re it,” Talita said.

I see pretty people.

Singing is now banned.

Her name was Mildred.

That dog never barks.

I choose to believe.

They were always together.

Up close, she glowed.

She chose the dragonflies.

Sarah chose the dragonflies.


A story in just 3 words

The ice melted.

Sunset cheers me.

She walked alone.

The dam breached.


A story in just 2 words

I’m close.

Sin kills.


A story in just 1 word





Again, please respond if you have a mini story of your own that you would like to add!

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