“I can’t believe this! I’m just a kid from Florida” – REALLY, you are?? You’re JUST a kid from a first-world nation? Please tell me more…


I have a new pet peeve that I want to rant about just a little …

I would really like to know when this “I’m just a kid from X” phase started, so I can go back in time and gag the first person who said it, because now EVERYONE says it! 

I’ve noticed the trend from watching television – someone wins a contest, or has some success in their career, and their tearful acceptance speech includes the claim, “I’m just a kid from a small town in California!” or “I’m just a kid from rural Ohio!” Subtext: “Can you believe someone who didn’t grow up in a palace actually did something noteworthy or commendable with their lives??” 

The obvious question is this: what is the geographical birthplace of winners and achievers (that earthly destination one can point to as the place that produces kids from whom we could expect success)? London? New York? Tokyo? If so, sorry to all the rest of us born elsewhere because we may or may not yet be aware what a remarkably debilitating variable our birthplace is! 

To anyone tempted to use the “I’m just a kid from …” line, please consider first if you should rather be saying: “I’m just a kid from a first-world nation”, or “I’m just a kid who grew up in a supportive environment”, or “I’m just a kid who received an education”, or “I’m just a kid who was taught discipline in developing my talent”? Or am I being silly in thinking any of those folks are pretty likely candidates for winding up with fame or career success? 

But what do I know – I’m just a girl from a small city in South Africa!

Captain America, I love you, but, grrrrr....

Captain America, I love you, but, grrrrr….


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