I’ve decided I might like to live in Underberg. This small town is at the foot of the Drakensberg (or Ukhahlamba, which means Barrier of Spears), South Africa’s biggest mountain range. Underberg has charm, amazing views, fresh mountain air, access to so much walking and hiking, and a more rural pace of life. I’m pretty sure Underberg would look good on me! I know it would take some real adjusting to live there, used to the city as I am, and I don’t plan to move there right away – for now I’m enjoying living close to my family – but maybe someday… yes, I like that thought … maybe someday 🙂

I was up there the other day to take my dad and brother to the start of the epic Sani2C, a three-day mountain biking event that starts at Underberg and ends near Scottburgh on the coast. When we arrived at Underberg I went for a jog on the outskirts of town, enjoying getting lost in the backroads and doing a bit of bundu-bashing in the browning yet still beautiful landscape. (You will have noticed by now how much I love autumn, as I am obsessed with yellowing and burnt orange leaves, and also with autumn light, which is just too gentle, and warm, and gorgeous for words.)

Anyway, see if you can quibble with me and my desire to move to Underberg when you see these pics I took while exploring:





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