A girl and her Star Wars


May the force be with you. And yet it’s almost Friday, so you might not be in dire need of it right now. Best to save it up for Monday.

I’ve surprised many a soul when informing them that I am a big Star Wars fan. (Isn’t it fun to mess with others’ pigeonholing of you?) I do in fact have time for all movie genres, save for horror, genocide film/documentary, and slow-moving drama. So you’ll know my body has been hijacked by a masochistic extra-terrestrial or supernatural being if you ever come across me watching The Shining, Hotel Rwanda, or Revolutionary Road. In such a scenario, please just hit me swiftly and mercifully over the head with a hard object. (Do the same if I’m watching a Steven Segal flick.)

Saturday is international Star Wars day. Don’t ask me how I know that – I just do. I’m not a fan of the franchise to the degree of having a pretend lightsabre in my cupboard, nor have I ever bought any of the games or other paraphernalia, but I’m fan enough to be able to tell you, without thinking, that Luke wields a greenish lightsabre, Darth Vader a red one, and that Yoda likes sentences to end with an imperative (become a fan of Star Wars, you must). I’m certainly fan enough to occasionally litter my everyday speech with Star Warsian references, and I’ve totally told Luke I’m his father while holding my face in front of a bedside fan. Incidentally, my favourite line from the whole franchise is this: “Many Bothans died to bring us this information.” Really rather inexplicable, I know, but it’s just so ‘into’ the whole Star Wars world – so immersed, said as it is with such solemnity and triste-ness.

54I became hooked to the movies as a youngster whilst endeavouring to watch and like the movies and shows my older, cooler brother watched. The two greatest successes in this endeavour were Star Wars and Blackadder – I quickly became a genuine, fully fledged fan in my own right. Girls will always though appropriate these stories differently, cleaving to different aspects, and I’m now big enough to admit that I used to have a huge crush on Luke Skywalker (and because it was a youthful crush – they are always the most intense – it has never fully died out). He was the ardent, focused hero who never got the girl (*Sigh.* I would’ve been his girl. We are definitely not related.)

People often make jokes about Star Wars nerds, but really the mockers are just folks who haven’t yet caught on to the magic. Star Wars is not the sole property of sci-fi geeks – it’s also adventure, romance, drama, action, thriller, comedy, family saga. It’s one gripping, inter-galactic yarn suitable for all (save for the scene in episode III where Anakin lies burning in the lava – that’s one scene I’ve only ever watched once). It’s escapism the way I think it should be.

star_wars_episode_7_disney_logo_by_umbridge1986-d5jmoniGeorge Lucas recently sold his company Lucasfilm (read all rights to the Star Wars universe) to Disney for a reported $4 billion. If that strikes you as an unusual transfer, you’re not alone. And yet Disney sure knows how to make movies, so I consider it exciting news that there is going to be a sequel trilogy, the first film set to release in 2015. Bring it on!

Naturally one hopes these newest instalments will be more in the vein of the original three movies than the prequels. A winning story always beats out all that fancy technical stuff that movies use now and for which I don’t know the name. My favourite of all the films to date is episode V (The Empire Strikes Back), or maybe episode VI (Return of the Jedi) – it’s tough to pick, and my answer will probably veer towards the one I’ve seen most recently. I don’t even need to see the newest, cleaned up versions of the first three movies – give me the smudgy-edged originals that I’ve still got on video and I’m happy as Larry. Add popcorn, coke and Smarties and we’ve got a champion day ahead of us.

Luke-Leia-And-Han-han-luke-and-leia-27200836-360-270J.J. Abrams (think Armageddon, Mission: Impossible III and Ghost Protocol) will direct. I thought Ghost Protocol was fantastic, so here’s hoping he brings his very best to the film. There are also rumours that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford will almost certainly be reprising their roles as Luke, Leia and Han. Should be interesting! I just hope they don’t forget about Chewbacca – I know we would all like to see how he has aged.


Are you a fan? Which is your favourite line of all?


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4 responses to “A girl and her Star Wars”

  1. Megan Abigail White says :

    Thanks so much for the pingback, from one fan to another!

  2. rtrigueros993600 says :

    No problem 🙂 you’re an excellent writer by the way!

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