Favourite quote #7 “The best moments in reading are when …” (Alan Bennet)

the handThis idea is similar to how C.S. Lewis describes friendship:

CS lewisAnd that’s one of the best things about reading – having your own thoughts, which often you’d never even fully articulated to yourself, set down in ink before you, showing you that you are not alone in thinking or feeling as you have done. Suddenly you have an ally in the author. And when that voice comes out of the past, if has even more power to move you, as you know it’s not just you, in the here and now, but someone from another time that has experienced the same trials and joys as you.

Story-telling, I believe, is intended for all peoples and all times. In so many places in the Bible God tells his people to relate to their descendants what He did for them, and he insists memorial stones and the like be set up so that when the next generations see them, they will ask: what is this all about? Stories encourage, inform, amuse, give identity, and, very importantly, ensure us in more ways than just our immediate community today ever could that we are not alone in being human, in our search for love, truth and peace.

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