Favourite quote #6: The trouble with real life …

“The trouble with real life is that there is no danger music.” ~ Chip Douglas 

South Africa has some pretty serious crime. It affects us all, in more ways than we probably realise; a lifetime of looking over your shoulder is not without effect. But we’re pretty good at making fun of things, and I like this quote:

you winThe reality though is that I’m often more danger to myself than is anyone else. Yesterday I utterly crunched my foot while trying to push myself into a more upright position on the couch! When I pushed down onto my feet, they lost traction on the carpet and went shooting forward under the lower shelf of the coffee table, and I bruised and cut the top of my left foot. There was a quiet expletive I hope my 2-year-old niece didn’t notice (unfortunately I swear when I hurt myself) and then a few tears – it hurt far more than I would have expected but of course doesn’t look nearly as devastating as it should. I had to sit with my foot under an icepack for the rest of the evening, but my little nurse kissed my ‘owwies’ better many times, which helped.

My 'owwies'

My ‘owwies’

So yes … there I had been, innocently sitting on the couch with my niece, no danger music at all to suggest a contender for the Darwin Awards was about to emerge. If only there had been a little Jaws or Psycho music in the background, I would have been alerted to the impending act of self-destruction and would not right now be sporting yet another scar on this accident-prone body of mine.


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