Think less, do more

The other week my sister suggested my motto for the year should be:


Ha! Or you might be thinking ‘Huh?’ I realise it may seem odd advice, especially as there are many for whom the opposite is the goal: don’t be overly impulsive – think through the consequences of your actions and how they will impact others.

However, I’m the sort – and I know I’m not alone – who over-analyses any potential action or goal. I have an idea and then I immediately identify every possible obstacle, consequently becoming overwhelmed and too paralysed to act.

When I do this (and I do it all the time), I essentially disqualify myself before I’ve even left the gates! I end up not partaking in so much of life, and it’s terrible. I sit on the Sunrise leap, Colby Moore Photography on Flickrside-lines admiring those in the race, wishing for the same adventure for myself. Moreover, I sit there knowing this is not the abundant life for which Christ bought me!

So for me, this is actually a very good motto. It was suggested by someone who understands the trickeries of my mind, and who has seen how I believe untruths about myself and the world, thus not acting on a dream or idea. Perhaps there is one other for whom this simple motto might also be helpful. I’m not promoting it as some sort of theology; it could simply serve as a swift little reminder for folks like me that sometimes we do ourselves a disservice by overthinking things.

Even now, I am starting to over-analyse posting this post. Bleugh! Too much thinking! I want to be a doer… So I will first of all post this, and then I will try doing something else. Given time, my friends and family will hopefully start noticing that I am living life more freely and abundantly, just as Jesus intended!

It's time to reclaim some of my muchness!

It’s time to reclaim some of my muchness!


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