The question marks in my future are only scary when I don’t trust God

There isn’t a single one of us who can control the future in the way we would like. At times this sense of powerlessness has left me feeling one or all of the following: fearful, frustrated, resigned, hopeless. Ever felt the same?

I realised I have one of two options: I can keep trying to ensure my future and those of the people I love turn out how I want, or I can ask God to take control, accepting that His ways won’t always be to my liking, at least not from the perspective of the present. The first option exhausts me in every way imaginable, while only the latter provides me with any peace. So I am learning to live my life completely confident in God’s strength and in His plans.

I don’t say any of this flippantly. Handing over control of something or someone of real importance to your life involves serious, sober surrender, and can be a very real struggle. But if you’re anything like me then one of your greatest desires is for a deep-seated assurance that your life will be what it should.

How do we come to trust Him with so much? This is what I have learned:

We should read and listen to stories (in the Bible, in other books and on the Internet, from the people we meet) of His dependability, and we should share with each other our personal stories of His faithfulness. God told the Israelites that they are to tell their children and their children’s children of God’s faithfulness, so story-telling is important. Not embellished or sanitised stories, but real stories of our failures, our victories, and what we have seen God do in our lives. “Encourage one another daily” (Hebrews 3:13).

We should spend time getting to know Him. Really getting to know Him. It is always the people closest to me – my parents, siblings, best friends – that I trust the most, because I have watched them over the years and truly come to know them. I have seen that they can be trusted to care about me and look out for me. The more I get to know God, the more I know that I can trust Him.

We should start practicing. For years I asked God to give me greater faith. Then I realised He is not interested in ‘downloading’ a chunk of faith into my being, so I can sit there with the mental acknowledgement that yes, I now possess more faith. Rather, he allows situations to arise that require I have more faith; when I step out in believing, He steps in to provide the greater faith that I need. So if something about the future is worrying us, we can practice faith by catching ourselves in the act of worrying and choosing to trust Him instead. It helps to say aloud relevant scriptures, speaking them back to ourselves; for example, “Cast your burden on the Lord – he will support you!” and “For we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.”

And always remember, it’s to His glory that those who trust Him flourish. He has said “I will make your righteousness shine like the noonday sun”.So let hope rise, by Claire, on you enjoyed reading this, you might also like Depression and joy, I am going to be one of the two who believe and In a corner apartment on the eighth floor is a lean man bowing low ….





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