Man is not meant to be famous

Medal and photo by TurboSquid, many ‘mighty men’ have fallen:

Oscar Pistorius

Tiger Woods

Lance Armstrong

Hansie Cronje

The message here is not that Nike has a special talent for choosing flawed heroes. (All heroes are flawed, some are just more flawed than others.) The point is that hero-status does few people any good. We were not meant for idolisation. After the sports stars, we can all rattle off the names of media celebrities, politicians and royals who have fallen hard from grace. I’m not picking on any particular person or group of people; whatever your job, the power and adulation of fame is generally a hot rod that will eventually be dropped.

When we lionise and exalt people, we are destined for disappointment. Not only is it sometimes forgotten that skill and genius are not virtues (discipline and courage are, but not raw talent), but as a society we seem loathe to learn the lesson that God is the only one who can handle fame, because He alone is truly worthy of it.

It’s not bad in itself that some people have faces and names that are more widely known than others. But if we find ourselves wanting the illustriousness of fame (which all too often comes from doing something that isn’t truly venerable), we are setting ourselves up for heartache. We are chasing after something that is not part of our calling.

The Bible says to let your good works shine before men. So I’m not advocating us all living in isolated ignorance of one another. The purpose behind letting our good deeds shine is to celebrate God’s goodness, his provision, his faithfulness, and so on. Those who do not know Jesus need to see the good things God is doing. Such works glorify God – always a good thing!

We see time and again that when we set men up for glory, they fall. But when we place God on a throne, it is a fit.


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