Travel Bucket List with a Twist #1

Upper Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon

Grand Canyon + Antelope Canyon

The biggest, most famous canyon in the world, the Grand Canyon, is a must-see if you can ever get to Arizona. I remember standing on the rim, braced against the chilling wind, looking down to the distant river below, trying to comprehend that what I was seeing was almost 3km away. The subduing magnitude of the place settled over me and it was magic. It is a valid entry on anyone’s bucket list.

Less than 3 hours away is another canyon system of epic virtue: Antelope Canyon. Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons are narrow slot canyons where the rock turns strikingly beautiful shades of orange, yellow, pink and maroon depending on the light. Tours are led by Navajo guides, to whom the canyons are sacred. At Upper Antelope Canyon you walk in along the sandy floor, the walls rising sharply about you. Lower Antelope Canyon is even more exciting as you descend into it, making use of steel ladders and toeholds. At times it is so narrow you squeeze through sideways.

I recommend adding Antelope Canyon to your Grand Canyon plans to make it a bucket list with a twist.


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4 responses to “Travel Bucket List with a Twist #1”

  1. Linda K says :

    I had the privilege of staying on a house boat with my host family in 2002 at Lake Powel, Glen Canyon in Utah. Rainbow Bridge is a well known and visited site in the area. It’s often described as the world’s highest natural bridge! Its formation is referred to as a natural arch by means of mostly water erosion. It stands about 70 tall and was called ‘rainbow turned to stone’. (I recall that it featured in an animated kids movie about horses…) My time there was magical. The sunsets and sun rises were the best: colours were so vibrant and the landscape so striking that they seemed to proclaim God’s glory. Thank you for taking me back down memory lane 🙂

  2. Megan Abigail White says :

    I also went to Lake Powell and loved it there. Especially taking out a boat and then jumping out into the water to swim next to the towering canyon wall. But I never visited Rainbow Bridge, which sounds fabulous. The ‘rainbow turned to stone’ is a lovely bit of poetry 🙂

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