A mattering dot (a poem)

Many songs and many words, pretty, pretty lines.

Many men and many voices, many ways to try to follow.

Many getaways all about the place, like fluff ropes thrown to save me.


I watch the news, I see the stats,

I hear clearly what it says:

my life is small, the world is big,

little can I matter.

I stare out the window,

I see towering, snow-capped stacks,

my life is so small, the world is so big,

little can I matter.

For who am I?

just one in billions,

a dot among the masses,

so little can I matter.

But I struggle and I wriggle,

I bounce against the wall,

I hit the ceiling, I slam into the floor,

this little dot will matter.


Once long ago there lived a perfect man –

He was one for a billion.

And one little mark, the dot of grace

Annihilates the untruth that cannot be left to lie.

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