Heaven is cheering me on

A while ago I was on a trail run and God put this image in my mind:

God the Father, Jesus and the angels were standing in a group in heaven looking down and watching the lives of the men and women on earth. They were watching everyone at once, but at the same time each person had their absolute and undivided attention.

One of the individuals they were watching keenly was a woman. Me.

I saw that when I am earnestly running the race of my life – resisting slowing to a walk or turning to look back (i.e. trying hard to believe God’s Word and persevere in life) – all of heaven is on its feet, urging me on. I also saw that there are certain milestones in life that need to be reached in order to receive answers to certain prayers or be given ‘heart desires’ that have been promised. What was really encouraging was seeing how utterly invested everyone in heaven is in terms of encouraging me to succeed and reach those different finishing lines.

I then saw that I hit a point where things got really hard along my run, and I grew so weary that – forget just walking – stopping was a real possibility. But I saw that I forced myself to focus on Jesus, and because of this managed to keep running. When my audience saw me dig deep (below where I ever thought I could go), the atmosphere in heaven became electric, like that of a world cup match. God saw my pumping arms, the sweat pouring down my face, and my legs and lungs straining with the effort, and he was so full of pride and joy and excitement that he began hopping from foot to foot. There were some leaning over with their hands resting on their knees, shouting out encouragement, while still others gripped each other’s arms and stamped their feet in a frenzy of excitement.

As I continued to exert myself, everyone in heaven became quite giddy because they knew something I did not: that I was almost at the next milepost! In fact, I was so close that if I had to have given up it would have been like a cartoon tragedy: me falling with outstretched hand a centimetre from the white chalked finishing line.

Then I saw myself actually getting to the finishing line God wanted me to reach. At this there was wild whooping and clapping, leaps and fist pumps, and heavenly folk slapping each other on the back. God quickly grabbed hold of the prize and handed it down to me.

The fun didn’t end there. Someone thought of something else to add to the prize to make it even sweeter, and God was like: “Heck yeah! Let’s give her that too!” And so it was quickly added to what was being given me. Like a bun fight in reverse, more and more things were added to the already good thing, and God gleefully gave me more than had been promised or I had ever expected.

What an amazing thing to be a much-loved son or daughter of the God who wants us to do and be well.


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7 responses to “Heaven is cheering me on”

  1. Karen says :

    What an amazing piece of writing! Have you come across the work of Eddie Askew? It reminds me a bit of some of his writing

  2. Simon Kelly says :

    What a great picture, I got all goose bumpy reading it! Thanks.

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