As soon as OED or Merriam-Webster give me a call, having heard of my newly coined word and its lightning-quick traction amongst writerly folk, I’ll be able to forward them the following, ready-to-go dictionary definition:

inksomnia (ıŋk’sɒmnıə) n inability to fall asleep when tired as pithy lines and innovatory plot and character ideas start coming to you after lights out and require jotting down [c21, ‘ink’ from OF enque, from LL encaustum a purplish-red ink, and from ıɴ-1; ‘somnia’ from somnus sleep] > inksomniac n, adj > inksomnious adj

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6 responses to “inksomnia”

  1. Simon Kelly says :

    This seems to be a generalisation of ‘problemsomnia’ where possible solutions to a problem come to you while you are attempting to drift off to sleep.

    • Megan Abigail White says :

      I’m thinking (writing) aloud here, but possibly our minds are more ‘open’ as we drift off to sleep, hence they more readily come up with innovative ideas at that time? There’s almost surely theories/research out there on it.

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