Bluebells or strelitzias? Both.

English summer roses, fragile red poppies, elegant lilies, bright African daisies, bold and spiky strelitzias, sleek tulips, and a carpet of soft bluebells … there are too many different types of flowers in the world to even think of mentioning them all. The thing to note is that all of them are incredibly beautiful, even while they are all very, very different. And that is fantastic. Variety is fantastic. We can appreciate the bluebell’s deep-coloured, gentle beauty without in any way diminishing the fearless, striking beauty of the strelitzia, and vice versa.

Women are like flowers.

Some flowers are flamboyant, some are small, some are pale, some have many petals, some are multi-coloured, some are patterned, some are quite hardy, and so on. When I hold a daffodil, I’m not wishing it looked like a tiger lily; I’m happy to be appreciating the charm of a daffodil. But I am also glad that there are tiger lilies in the world, so that when I look at a tiger lily, I can enjoy its specific beauty as well. It’s easy to see and understand that the unique beauty of the one flower doesn’t impinge in any way on the unique beauty of the others.

Every woman is beautiful, with a beauty unlike the beauty of the next woman. Comparison truly is the thief of joy. This is what I ask God for, for myself and for others: freedom to appreciate the beauty that only you have been given, and then room to enjoy that when we’re all put together, we provide a varied beauty that is wonderful, just as in the world of flowers.


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