Some Christians doubt more than others. They doubt even the fundamentals. Wavering faith can lead to a host of unhelpful feelings and thoughts, but wonderfully important to me was the realisation that there is space for me and my little faith in the Kingdom.

John Bunyan, in The Pilgrim’s Progress, tells of a man called Little-Faith who is travelling along the Way. His name sounds derogatory at first, but Bunyan assures us that he is “a good man”, coming from the town of Sincere. It’s clear that you can have little faith yet still be sincere in the little bit of faith you possess.

It happens that while he is walking along the road, Little-Faith is suddenly beset by Faint-Heart, Mistrust, and Guilt, three of his biggest enemies. These three thugs rob him and then club him over the head so that Little-Faith falls bleeding to the ground, near death. Fortunately, however, at the critical moment along comes Great-Grace from the town of Good-Confidence, and the three take off, knowing they can’t win a fight with such a man. And so Great-Grace saves Little-Faith’s life. Hooray!!

I am really encouraged when I think about Little-Faith. He seemed to have nothing of his own – no wits or skills or weapons – to use as protection, but with Great-Grace as his defender, he was rescued from his attackers. And he didn’t live this one day just to be killed another; no, he made it safely all the way to the Celestial City, which was his ultimate destination.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the same brutes as was Little-Faith; of late I have felt particularly fainthearted at times. And that’s why I love this story so much. Jesus has great grace for people of little faith like me, and it makes all the difference to know that he is willing to fight on my behalf to see me safely home.

I loved you at your darkest, from


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